It is particularly important to us to guarantee 100% transparency for our sponsors. On the one hand, this means disclosing our donation expenses and communicating with the sponsors about their sponsored child.


100% of your donation as a sponsor of a school child goes directly to the child. You pay us $ 50 for the school fees, we take this $ 50 and pass it directly to the school office. If a sponsored child also needs new birth papers, these can be obtained through a one-time donation of $ 15. For Children who go to preschool we have to pay a lower school fee. In this case, the $ 50 is used for the child’s first school equipment, such as a school bag, uniform, school utensils, etc. If you would like to support your sponsored child additionally, you are of course also welcome to do so. We are already taking care of food support from the sponsor and sending clothing donations to the children in the slums. Upon request, the generous sponsor can be presented with any receipt of a purchase, shipment or other item.
In addition, it is possible for the sponsor to contact the sponsored child. We organize video chats, pass on letters and read them to the child in the local language, send pictures from the first day of school and report on progress in school.

Donations to the organization are used for several things. On the one hand, we are supporting our local partner, Bonface Kangonga. Bonface himself lives in the Soweto slums and is the most important connection between me, Lea Sophie Kabitzsch, the sponsors and the sponsored children. He records their stories, forwards them to me, pays the school fees and takes the child to the first day of school. He has a lot of work that I’m trying to get rewarded. On the other hand, important internal processes in the organization are supported with the donations: costs for the website, money transfer payments, advertising measures, registration costs in Germany and Kenya and the creation of a reserve as “emergency money”. The so-called “emergency money” refers to the short-term additional support for families in the slum. Unfortunately, it has often happened that a family has got into an emergency and needed additional support. In such cases we take over e.g. buying food or financing a stay in a women’s shelter if the mother has to flee with her children.


We are currently in the registration phase of our organization as a non-profit association. Since this process is being delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and we still want to take on corporate customers as soon as possible, we have looked for solutions. We have decided to also register as “UNDER Lea’s INTERNATIONAL NGO” in Kenya, which will give us the opportunity to send out donation receipts soon. The registration of an NGO in Kenya only takes about 3 weeks. We hope that the registration in Germany will not take too long.


If you have any further questions or suggestions about transparency or the registration of the organization, please write in the comments or send us a message.


Team introduction – Melike

Hi my name is Melike. I support the team in the press and public relations department. I started in June 2023 and am very happy to be at ULT.


Team introduction – Magda

Hi my name is Madga. I was sponsored to attend school and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to graduate. I want to give back to the community and express my gratitude to ULT ...


Team introduction – Ellen

Hi my name is Ellen. I was previously part of the event team and most recently co-organised the event “Techno schafft Bildung” in the bar “Gestrandet Mitte”.