To sponsor a child isn’t a decision that you make every day. I’m sure you’ll have some more questions which I would like to answer you.

Further on you’ll find a collection of questions I think you’ll interested in. If there are more questions, please don’t hesitate a second to contact me and ask me everything.


How can I sponsor a child?

It's really easy. The whole process includes four steps: 1. Inform yourself about us and our work. You will see you can trust us... 2. Contact us via Contact-form... 3. We will contact you and find a child for you... 4. We bring your child to school and keep you updated. For more informations please visit the page ``Become a sponsor`` or contact me.

Why can't I choose the child on my own?

The reason is that we want to support every child in the way it needs to get supported. Those who were already in school and missing classes because of a lack of money have a more urgent need than a child which is every day ready to go to school. No matter if it's tomorrow or in a month. We always search for the best combination between a child and the sponsor. So if you want to become a sponsor, we'll send you a profile from a child which we think would be the best. In the end it's of course your decision if you want to sponsor or not.

How can I pay for the Schoolfees?

Usually we use Paypal or our bank account. Just send the money to the Account or BankIBAN: DE83 8306 5408 0004 2891 53 BIC: GENODEF1SLR. If you have problems sending the money, just let us know.

In which payment periods are payments made?

Since we want to keep the administrative costs as low as possible, the annual amount will be deducted by direct debit on January 1st of each year. If a sponsorship is received during the year, the amount will be deducted proportionally for the remaining months.

What exactly happens to my money?

Your money will first be sent to our organization bank account and then directly to our local partners. The money will be withdrawn and your child will be enrolled in school as soon as possible. School fees are paid locally at the school and from that point on, your sponsored child can attend this school for one year.

How can I terminate my sponsorship?

You can terminate your sponsorship at any time - without giving any reason. Just write us a mail or give us a call. We will end the sponsorship and pay you back the money proportionally to the remaining months in the year.

Can I deduct my sponsorship contribution for tax purposes?

UNDER Lea's TRUST e.V. is recognized as a non-profit association in Germany. Your contribution is tax deductible.


How were the children chosen?

First of all, I personally visit the countries and the individual organizations. When I find local people that I can trust 100%, I address the topic of school sponsorship. For me it is essential that I find a suitable partner in the respective organization who acts as the executing hand for me. Once I have found such a person, the work begins. I am particularly looking for children who, on the one hand, cannot afford to go to school, but are also really interested in going to school and educating themselves. I (or my local partner) also consult with the child's family to obtain the support and consent we need. We accept children aged four to nineteen.

Who works for UNDER Lea's TRUST locally?

My local helpers are people whom I trust 100%. I consult with them regularly, mostly daily. I am currently working with children in Kenya, Nairobi, and my local hand is Bonface Kangonga. He is 28 years old and has been volunteering in the organization for half of his life. I lived at his home for two months and he was always there to support me. He knows all children and families personally and is a wonderful help to me.

Who is Lea Sophie Kabitzsch anyway?

I am a young adventurer from Berlin who would love to improve the world little by little. I can't stand sitting in an office day by day, earning my daily bread, or amassing wealth that I don't need at all. I would like to help and I prefer to do it locally. Be it somewhere on the Pacific Ocean to clear the beach of plastic, teach children something about climate change or provide education in the slums. I started the school sponsorship project in early 2020 and put all my love into this work. To give the children a future fills me with incredible joy, which I would like to share with you.

How can I ensure that my money is used correctly?

You will receive a donation receipt from us so that you can be sure that your money is being used correctly. You will also receive small surprises, such as pictures, that show the progress of your sponsored child.

Why sponsor a child through UNDER Lea's TRUST and not through other platforms?

If you decide to sponsor a child, it’s absolutely commendable either way. My organization is just a small fish in a huge pond full of organizations that offer sponsorship. But being this little fish offers me and you many advantages. In my opinion, sponsorship is something very personal and intimate. You suddenly form the basis for a child's development and get an important part of their life. Large organizations can grasp these relationships with difficulty and rarely, if at all, enable them between you and your sponsored child. Since UNDER Lea’s TRUST is a small organization, it is much easier for us to deal with every single child and sponsor.


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