History of origin

Lea Sophie Kabitzsch


It all started with Lea’s trip through Africa in 2020, where she helped out in the Soweto slum at the Soweto Youth Initiative (now an important partner organization). Her volunteer work was teaching English and math to children who were unable to attend school due to lack of money. During this time, she began collecting donations to provide hot meals for these children. This planted the seed for our work.

Lea’s next thought was that not only a few children should go to school, but all. She sponsored the first child out of her own pocket and began to inspire friends and family in Germany to sponsor kids. Thus, our first core projects came into being in 2020: School Sponsorships and the Food Program. For legal reasons, both projects temporarily became part of the Soweto Youth Initiative, with Lea organizing and managing them.

Learning and eating were thus basic things in the lives of the first children, but what is childhood without fun? Out of this thought, also in the same year (2020) the first Poolday took place, which is still an annual ULT event and highlight for our children.

The projects continued to grow and after a long struggle with bureaucracy, our non-profit organization “UNDER Lea’s TRUST” (ULT) was officially founded in Germany on May 6, 2021, right in the middle of the Corona pandemic, and then also our NGO “UNDER Lea’s INTERNATIONAL” (ULI) in Kenya on September 10, 2021. While the German organization was led by Lea alone, Lea and Bonface joined forces as a team in Kenya. After ULT was a “one woman show” for about a year, Annika and Tine joined the German team in spring 2021, followed by Samira in August. Since then, our team has been growing and the tasks of the individual team members have been more clearly defined and better and better distributed. With this progress we could and can realize more and more projects and actions.

One of these projects is Desired Gifts, where sponsors can give their loved ones a gift that is really needed. This is possible in the form of a donation for example for a school bag, a toy or a menstruation set for our school children in the slum.
Ensuring transparency and to keep our sponsors informed about all projects is also an important point for us. So, a little more than a year ago, from the idea to always offer you updates and to share important information, our newsletter was born. As you surely know, this newsletter is sent out once a month and deals with the different topics in our organization.

With more and more volunteers in the team, we were able to launch the ULT Happy CLUB in the summer of 2022, which sustainably supports the growth of the association and enables various projects for the children.

We would also like to be present in Germany for our sponsors and motivate us together to continue doing good. With more and more support in the organization came more creativity and therefore the idea of a charity event in Berlin developed. So in July last year we had our first benefit open air “TECHNO SCHAFFT BILDUNG”, which will be planned yearly from now on. At this Open Air we were also able to present you our merchandise for the first time, which is now even available in our new online store.

The sponsorships, the ULT Happy CLUB, and our events, such as flea markets and open air events, are important pillars for our currently largest project: our future ULT school in Nairobi, with which we want to ensure the best possible support for the children. This mammoth project will demand a lot of work and energy from us and of course we will not neglect all our other projects.

Phew! That’s already a lot of projects and even more are planned!

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Education leads to power. Every child from every part of the world can change the world. The key is the knowledge how to. This knowledge will be given to every child in School.

A far spreaded knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle can connect us with our home planet earth like a close friend. Children learn about nature and a sustainable way of life in school.

With a higher education the community is getting stronger and every voice wins in power. Children learn that a change is not coming by lonely fighters than by a strong community.

A educated world can face every problem. The fight agains hunger or the climate change needs everyone. Children learn about all these problems and get sensitized in school.













Bonface Kangonga


I’m Bonface. I was born in the in the Soweto Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. I got raised by my mom and received a certificate on community development from the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) in 2015. I started to work as a sales person at farmers choice Ltd in 2016 and at the same time I was volunteering at the Soweto Youth Initiative in Kahawa Soweto Slum, where I got mentored when I was a young boy.  My vision is to give back to the community and to help and to support the kids. Because of that I resigned later in November 2019 at farmers choice Ltd and started to volunteer full time at the Initiative. I am the one in charge of all the projects at the Initiative. My goal is too make sure that every child at the organization enjoys their childhood and gets a good life and a successful future.

I’m the right hand for Lea. My work is it to connect her with the children and later on bring them to school and support the families here in the Slum.


Help us to enlarge the project to enable more children to go to school.