OUR NEWEST EVENT- Painting and letter campaign in the slum

Again and again we receive lovely and great letters from our sponsors and godparents for their godchildren, which are of course forwarded directly to our children in the slums. Our godchildren wanted to thank their sponsors very much for this. For this purpose, we organised a painting and letter campaign in the slum, where both our primary and secondary school children were given the opportunity to write a letter to their godparents. With such a picture or letter, they could show their gratitude for their school sponsorship and the related school support during the year.

The event took place on 9th,10th and 28th of March 2022. Our children were able to express their love, affection and gratitude to their sponsors through drawings and letters, while showing the positive changes and effects their sponsors’ photos and letters have had on them. We also had the honour of having 2 volunteers (Hannah and Mia), who are godparents themselves, present with us in Kenya. They helped us to run the event successfully and supported the children through play, which made it an unforgettable event for the children.

After the actual event, there was a short speech by our association leader in Kenya, Bonface. He encouraged our children to continue their education in order to achieve their dreams and goals in life. In this aspect, this event not only helped us to get in touch with our children directly, but also to get to know their needs and interests and to further develop and discover their talents.

Happy, proud and grateful children through your sponsorships !!!


Businesses seek organisations for Christmas campaign

Many companies are looking for a charitable partner for their Christmas donation. This is a great way to show prospective customers of their products or services that they too are responsible.

Can you think of a company or do you have one yourself?
Feel free to send us an email to
We look forward to hearing from you!

Our children should also be able to have bright eyes at Christmas.


Together we let children be children. The best memories of our childhood were made during excursions, birthday parties and other events. Our children deserve such joys just as much as other children. We are currently in the process of planning a ULT Happy CLUB. With a minimum monthly donation of 15 € you become a member and are transparently involved in our work. More about this soon…

Become part of our team through your membership in the ULT Happy CLUB and are transparently involved in our work

Our co-founder and association leader in Kenya, Bonface, is now searching for a suitable plot of land

News about our school building project

The new school year in Kenya starts on 24 April.

Now that the generous donation of € 74,000 has finally arrived in our account, we can hardly keep our feet still.

To coincide with the start of the school year, our co-founder and association leader in Kenya, Bonface, is now searching for a suitable plot of land in April on which our planned school will stand in the future.

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Team introduction – Melike

Hi my name is Melike. I support the team in the press and public relations department. I started in June 2023 and am very happy to be at ULT.


Team introduction – Magda

Hi my name is Madga. I was sponsored to attend school and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to graduate. I want to give back to the community and express my gratitude to ULT ...


Team introduction – Ellen

Hi my name is Ellen. I was previously part of the event team and most recently co-organised the event “Techno schafft Bildung” in the bar “Gestrandet Mitte”.