Team introduction - Samira

Here's what we've been thinking about: ULT (UNDER Lea's TRUST) has, thanks to your help and support, developed significantly since its foundation in 2021 and is growing steadily from day to day. In order to share this with you and to bring you up to date as transparently as possible on who is behind the name ``UNDER Lea's TRUST``, from now until the end of the year a member of our team will introduce themselves personally in each newsletter. We have come up with five questions that each member will answer.

Hi, my name is Samira Wirbeleit, I am 20 years old and I volunteer at ULT.
I live in Berlin and am currently waiting for a place at university. Besides volunteering at ULT, I currently have a mini-job at a law firm.

What are your tasks at ULT?

One of my tasks at ULT is to update the website when a new child is sponsored. I then create a sponsorship certificate and send it to the sponsors. In addition, I am currently sending out emails with updates from the children from the last paint and letter event. A longer term project I am taking care of is organizing a booth at a flea market.

Why are you involved in ULT?

I became aware of ULT because Lea is a very good friend of my best friend and so I always heard something about ULT and found the idea very good. When I was finished with my Abi and had time, I asked Lea if I could help her. I think it is very important that all children in the world receive an education. Only through education can children have a better future. In addition, it is simply very nice to see how quickly the kids make progress and how much fun they have at school.

What was your favourite subject and what was your hate subject at school?

My “hate subject” was definitely math, closely followed by art. Math was always a pain in the ass for me. I somehow managed to get relatively good grades, but it just wasn’t mine. And art: I’m just not artistically talented.
My favorite subjects were biology and geography. I had biology as an advanced course, which meant that it was a lot of very complex learning material. But I almost always found it very exciting to learn all kinds of different things, because you can find them in everyday life. That’s why I liked geography so much. It was always about topics that you encounter in everyday life. Be it climate change, development strategies, the global economy or urban planning.

Where do you see ULT in 5 years?

I hope that in 5 years the school will be ready and the kids can finally go to our school. I also hope that many new children will be sponsored and that we will carry out many more beautiful projects.

Tell a funny/awkward/beautiful story from your school days.

When I read the question, I thought of a situation from art class. I was in 12th grade, I think, and we were writing an exam on the subject of design. One assignment was to draw Thonet chair #14 and, as I said earlier, I am not artistically talented. So I sat there and tried to draw, which didn’t go well. At some point I had to start laughing like this because my chair just looked terrible. My best friend, who was sitting next to me, also tried to draw and knew that I just couldn’t do it. Now we were both sitting in this retreat and couldn’t stop laughing because the more I tried to save it, the worse the chair got.


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