In the last newsletter of 2022, we look back on a successful, turbulent and beautiful year with you. We are very happy that you accompany us on our way to make the world a little better every day.


We started 2022 full of anticipation and drive. We created an annual plan, set goals and developed new project ideas. Unsuspecting of the global crises that would arise in the course of the year, we started optimistically into our first year as a registered non-profit association.


In February we launched our newsletter to let you participate even more actively in our work. In addition, our project “Disired Gifts” started and we were able to buy some gifts for our children during the year. The joy about the books, clothes, toys and much more was huge. Furthermore, Lea and Annika participated in an online workshop of WeBuildung on February 25th and 26th. The school building projectwas the focus of ULT this year and we are grateful to have the opportunity for individual consultation on the planned building project. We continue to be in constant communication with WeBuildung. It is of great importance for us to approach the construction project with the best possible level of knowledge and to work with experts who accompany us throughout the process.


Our big painting and letter campaign took place on March 9 and 10. Our children in Nairobi were able to draw a picture or write a letter to their sponsor parents. Many of them combined both ideas directly. We were actively supported by two volunteers. We were able to send the great results to our sponsors by email, the joy was great! In March we also welcomed Nicole to our team. It turns out, however, that this was not to remain the only team expansion of the year.


We started actively in April with the search for a plot of land for our first own school. We were already aware from the beginning how difficult it would be to acquire a plot of land in Kenya. However, at that time we were not yet aware of how many obstacles would be put in our way in the search for a plot of land.


On May 25 the time had finally come for our children. The anticipation was great, the kids all had their bathing suits on and then it was 3… 2… 1… POOLDAY!!!! This project is the most loved project that we can make possible for the children thanks to our sponsors. A day without worries, but full of joy and fun. One thing is for sure: we would like to make this experience possible for the children again next year.


In June we had the biggest project in Germany, which we as ULT have realized so far. On 11.06.2022 our Benefiz Open-Air under the motto “TECHNO CREATES EDUCATION” took place in the Gestrandet Mitte in Berlin. We were actively supported by “Less Talking More Dancing” and many other great sponsors. We also launched our ULT Happy CLUB on this day. We could already welcome our first club members and are happy about their monthly support. Our ULT hoodies and t-shirt were also available for purchase at our booth. We think it’s great to be able to sell ULT merchandise. By buying a piece of clothing you support our various projects at the same time.


We were able to implement the first major expansion of the Food Program in July. From now on we are able to give 20 especially needy children a lunchbox to take to school twice a week. In addition, we have made our customizable donation boxavailable for you.


“PAULINE ON TOUR” was the motto in August. She actively supported our team on site for two weeks. While Pauline supported our Food Program in the Soweto Slum on August 14, the German team went to a flea market for the first time. We sold among other things clothes, books and toys and collected 165,39 € for our projects.


In September we had our second letter campaign for our godparents. We received a lot of letters. These letters could then be distributed to our children by Lea and Annika from September 19 and onwards. The two of them flew to Kenya together to support our team on site. The focus of their trip was again our school construction project and especially the search for a suitable plot of land.


ULT welcomed three new team members in October. We are very happy that Rilana, Pauline, and Philipp decided to actively support ULT and to volunteer. In addition, our reconstruction project was a complete success: We were able to build a new home for a sponsored child and his family after a fire that destroyed their entire existence.


At the beginning of November, Lea returned to Germany. In addition, it is now possible for companies to support ULT with the Remainder Cent donation. We were very happy to receive the news that we will be able to offer lunch boxes to 40 children next year. We were therefore able to implement two expansions of the food program this year.


In December we were able to launch an advent calendar on Instagram for our supporters. In order to get external input for our development in 2023, we started a survey. The most awesome event in December was that we finally found a suitable property for our school. However, the purchase price is well above our current fundraising total for the school building project. We hope to receive the missing 55,000 – 60,000 € in donations in the next six months. For this purpose we will plan and implement further projects. We are looking forward to your support!


Due to the still ongoing global economic crisis and the war against Ukraine, we had to adapt to the new circumstances on a daily basis. However, these challenges let us develop new strengths for the future. We, like many other non-profit organizations, are affected by the rising prices and the decreasing willingness to donate. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic! Despite the numerous challenges, we were able to carry out many great projects in Germany and Kenya this year, arrange numerous new sponsorships and still implement some of our annual plan. We have built a great team this year, which will continue to develop next year. ULT has a great team on site, wonderful sponsors and supporters, loving foster parents, and most importantly, of course, fantastic kids! Our big ULT family is growing and growing, implementing great new ideas and projects and having the opportunity every day to make the world a better place.
We wish you a great start into 2023! We look forward to your support in the new year.


We need your feedback! Our survey is still open and you can still give us feedback on our outreach and interest alignment. To get the most meaningful results, every participation is very important to us. Please take a few minutes and help us, it won’t take too long. Have you already participated? We are very grateful for that! We will start the evaluation at the end of January, which you will find in the next newsletter.

Our Survey

Film shooting with Studio 3 from rbb

We are very proud to announce that we will be filming with Studio 3 of rbb at the beginning of January. We will have the opportunity to present our organization, our projects and our work. We are busy planning and booking trains so that you can see as many of us in action as possible. Admittedly, we are a bit nervous too! Not often we get to be on TV…

So excited!

New year, new plan!

Annual plan for 2023

In January, our main task will be to create our annual plan for 2023. This will focus on our school building project, specifically funding and purchasing a piece of land. We will adjust the goals and strategies of all projects according to the crisis situation in the world.

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Team introduction – Melike

Hi my name is Melike. I support the team in the press and public relations department. I started in June 2023 and am very happy to be at ULT.


Team introduction – Magda

Hi my name is Madga. I was sponsored to attend school and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to graduate. I want to give back to the community and express my gratitude to ULT ...


Team introduction – Ellen

Hi my name is Ellen. I was previously part of the event team and most recently co-organised the event “Techno schafft Bildung” in the bar “Gestrandet Mitte”.