It’s finally done. After plenty of hours, restless nights and felt like thousands calls with my partners in Kenya the website is online and I couldn’t feel more happy and released. It was worth the hard work and now anybody can be a part of our family.

The website is a place where everybody can find informations about the organization, sponsorships and the searching or sponsored children. Every child has their own page, spicket with some facts, their unique livestory and some lovely pictures.


The main focus of the website is on the children. With the website we search for generous sponsors, which will support the children with the school education. In a third world country like Kenya education is the key to escape from poverty and a future in crime, violence and drug abuse. With a sponsorship you become a part of a second family. You are the reasons your sponsored child can go to school, get educated and chase after their dream. For that you will receive pictures of your child on the first day in school, video messages, letters and many more. It’s a wonderful feeling to help a child grow. Become a part of our family and join us now.

About the website

On our new website you can easily overview all the informations about our sponsorships and get in contact with us. You can find all our wonderful children separated in searching and sponsored. If you have questions, you can visit our “Questions & Answers” where we answered all our already selected questions or you can write us a message via our contact-form. If you are interested in supporting our organization itself, you can find more informations in “support us”. We also support other projects, which you can support under “other projects” as well. We hope you like our new website and maybe can leave us a comment below.

We would love to welcome you warmly in our family.

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