As we had the pleasure to announce in our last newsletter, Mia, Nila and Hannah visited us in Soweto Slum in early February. They took our subscribers with them via our Instagram account and in this newsletter we want to summarize their stay.


Mia, Nila and Hannah landed in Nairobi on February 13 and visited the children directly on the first day. First they went to the Kahawa Primary School, where some of our children go to school. The three of them were allowed to take a lot of pictures and had a little dance party in the afternoon when they were back at the Soweto Youth Initiative. The following day, the girls accompanied some children to school and made a stop to get some school supplies. It was at this moment that the idea for a new day of action, the “Beauty & Health Day”, was born. Mia, Nila and Hannah started an appeal on Instagram to collect donations, which enabled them to buy toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children in Soweto Slum, among other things. Within four days, enough money was collected to enable about 200 children to get their own toothbrush mug with accompanying toothbrush and toothpaste. The joy about this was enormous and we are so overjoyed about every little donation that could put a bright white smile on the children’s faces!
But this was not the only action that could be implemented by our visitors on site: on February 16, clothes for the children could be bought at the local market thanks to a generous donation. So each child received some new clothes, which Mia and Hannah distributed with the other members of the association.

In their last days of their stay, Mia, Nila and Hannah were also able to support the Food Program. They helped with the food distribution and were able to distribute food to over 400 children.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mia, Nila and Hannah for their great work on site and their commitment to initiate the “Beauty & Health Day” so spontaneously!
If you are interested in flying to Kenya to support us on site, please have a look at our website or send us a message directly to The minimum duration of the stay is 10 days, during this time you will get to know the daily life of the children and you can support the Kenyan partner association. For more impressions of our volunteers on site, you can also check out our Instagram channel @underleastrust. There you will also find insights into our association work, our projects, as well as life in Kenya. You don’t have an Instagram account? Use our fan login: ult_friends Password: ultjustforyou


ULT Happy CLUB: Health & Beauty Day

The health and hygienic conditions in the slum are a big problem. Many of our children are sitting in school with toothache and skin eczema – it is hard to learn this way. As described in the main story, our volunteers Mia, Nila and Hannah were able to hold the “Beauty & Health Day” thanks to the numerous donations to the ULT Happy CLUB. This enabled the children to show each other how to brush their teeth and wash properly. In this way, they learned the basics of hygiene through play and were able to feel beautiful. However, since this is not completed in one day, we would like to further develop this action day as a project. For this we need your support. Hygiene products should be part of the basic supply of the children, but this can not always be guaranteed in the slum. Through your support, we can offer the children fair access to care products and thus improve their inner and outer well-being – and guarantee more learning success at school.

OUTLOOK March 2023

Insight into our teamwork

Our team consists exclusively of volunteers who study or work alongside their involvement with UNDER Lea’s TRUST. This is not always easy to reconcile. For example, our dear Annika took a break the last months to write her bachelor thesis and will be able to show full commitment again in March. In February, our dear Nicole took a break to write her final exams – we wish her good luck and look forward to welcoming her back soon!

We restructure

We are all happy to announce that we are not only growing in the team, but also welcoming more sponsors and donors to UNDER Lea’s TRUST. In order to accommodate the growth, we are starting to restructure the organization and will be putting a lot of focus on designing and optimizing processes in the coming time. Don’t worry: We will take you with us on this journey and keep our transparency!

Blog post on volunteering on site

In the month of February, we were pleased to welcome our dear volunteers on site. To give you even more insights, we publish a short travel report by our volunteers on site on our blog. Take a look and find out what everyday life is like on site and what Kenya has to offer.

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