Team introduction - Pauline

In the last newsletter Rilana introduced herself to you. She became part of our team at the same time as Pauline. Pauline we introduce to you in today's newsletter!

Team introduction - Pauline

In the last newsletter Rilana introduced herself to you. She became part of our team at the same time as Pauline. Pauline we introduce to you in today's newsletter!



my name is Pauline and I’m currently doing my PhD studies at the technical university in Gothenburg, Sweden. In July I went to Nairobi and met the kids of ULT and the whole organization on-site. Since October 2022 I’m also working as a ULT volunteer from a distance.

What are your tasks at ULT?

I’m helping with the organization’s public relations. Together with Rilana I take care of our LinkedIn page and with Nicole I’m taking care of the press contacts to be visible in newspapers, TV and magazines. Together with Nicole and Rilana I’m a writer of the newsletter that you receive for updates. Since I just started in October, I assume other interesting tasks are waiting for me in the future!

Why are you involved in ULT?

Two years ago, a friend of mine told me about ULT and since then I sponsor two kids. The concept, the transparent work and the young team caught me. This summer (2022) I was unsure what to do during vacation and had the idea to volunteer for ULT in Nairobi. There I met the kids and got insights into the organization’s work with all the fantastic people behind it. When I saw that ULT needs support in the PR section I volunteered directly.

What was your favourite subject and what was your hate subject at school?

I had two favorite subjects: Biology and music. Both became more or less my job. I didn’t have a particular subject I hated, but there were several subjects I didn’t really know why we had to learn this in school and thus my motivation was rather low. These were Economy and Law or Religion for example. I was quite bad in English; I learned the language after school when I was studying abroad.

Where do you see ULT in 5 years?

Phew, five years is a long time! Seeing in retrospective what has happened in the past five years I see great progress! I am convinced that our school is built, and the first kids enjoy the lessons. More and more kids are sponsored and can go to school and the ULT Happy Club is established. However, I follow the development of the world with great concern and assume that there is much to do for us and other organizations. But our team is growing, and I am confident that many projects will come up and make this world a bit better.

Tell a funny/awkward/beautiful story from your school days.

I was good at natural science subjects while a dear friend was struggling a bit. On the other hand, she was very talented in handicrafts and concentrated on crocheting at that time. With that some kind of symbiose developed between us: she was allowed to copy my lab reports in chemistry class and was crocheting many beautiful things for me in return. I still have some of these pieces, like the beanie I’m wearing in the photo! Shortly before our final exams, she not only copied the results of my report (we still did that by hand), but unfortunately also my name. That led to a personal conversation with our teacher… But we rocked that too!

Shout-out: This lovely friend is the same person that brought me to ULT – thanks Sina!


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