Team introduction - Annika

Here's what we've been thinking about: ULT (UNDER Lea's TRUST) has, thanks to your help and support, developed significantly since its foundation in 2021 and is growing steadily from day to day. In order to share this with you and to bring you up to date as transparently as possible on who is behind the name ``UNDER Lea's TRUST``, from now until the end of the year a member of our team will introduce themselves personally in each newsletter. We have come up with five questions that each member will answer. This month it is the turn of Annika.

Hi, my name is Annika and I am 24 years old. I’m currently studying logistics in Cologne and I’m volunteering for ULT on the side.

What are your tasks at ULT?

My tasks are quite varied. I am mainly responsible for the foundation work. I do a lot of research and look for foundations that fit our association and our projects. I also look after our volunteers who want to support ULT on site and fly to Nairobi. I really enjoy the work for our upcoming school building. I am part of the project team, which involves a wide variety of tasks.

Why are you involved in ULT?

After graduating from high school, I travelled for two years and worked with children in an orphanage in Ethiopia, among other places. This experience had a great impact on me and I really wanted to do something good from Germany. Through a mutual friend of Lea’s and mine, I came across ULT and quickly contacted her. Since then, I have been part of the team and wouldn’t want to miss it, especially the work on site.

What was your favourite subject and what was your hate subject at school?

My favourite subjects at school were business studies and sports. I always liked sports because it wasn’t a typical school subject. Business studies simply interested me a lot at the time.

Like Lea, I hated English because I’m not very talented in languages and I simply didn’t enjoy it at school. It wasn’t until I travelled abroad that I made friends with the English language.


Where do you see ULT in 5 years?

That is a very good question. I hope that in five years our school will be run sustainably and we will be able to provide quality education to all our children.  

I also hope that in five years we will have many more projects like our food program or the school building and that we will continue to develop.

Tell a funny/awkward/beautiful story from your school days.

My mum gave me a lunch box to take to school every day until I graduated from high school. My friends were always very jealous of the delicious sandwiches, carrot strips, cucumber slices etc., so they always wanted some. After a while I got my lunch in a box with “Annika’s Box” engraved on it. So it was unmistakably clear who the food was for. 😀


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