UNDER Lea's TRUST on rbb

Lea and Nicole have been campaigning for a long time for UNDER Lea’s TRUST to be presented to a larger audience on television, but it is easier dreamed of than realized. All the happier the two of them were when they were able to announce to the team in December that a film team of the program “Studio 3” of the rbb will come on January 3, 2023 to portray the association, to introduce Lea as the founder and to illustrate our work. Everyone was quite excited when it was said that several volunteers could also be there to represent the team on location. On the morning of 03.01.2023, Lea, Nicole, the editor of our contribution Mrs. Ringelstetter from rbb, a cameraman and a sound technician met in Friedrichshagen, to make some recordings of Lea in her hometown Friedrichshagen. To do this, they were at Müggelsee at the beginning and were able to take wonderful final shots thanks to the fantastic weather. After that, they went to Bölschestraße for the shoot, which was a rather awkward situation, especially for Lea, as she is recognized by many people in Friedrichshagen. And let’s be honest: It looks quite funny when you walk down the same street three times in a row with a camera pointed at you. After a lunch break, we went to the office of UNDER Lea’s TRUST in Schöneiche, where Samira and Pauline joined.

Later the whole team met online, even Bonface and Rio with the children in the Soweto slum could join. In the office Lea was interviewed, could explain our organization on the screen and show pictures of our projects. Then Nicole, Samira and Pauline were also invited to briefly explain why they are part of UNDER Lea’s TRUST. After the shoot, we had to wait patiently for Jan. 11, 2023, to see the final report on TV. Our chat wires were running hot when at minute 35:47 Lea was finally mentioned and it was on! If you missed the report, feel free to watch it here in the media library. View here!
We are very happy with what we got out of almost five hours of video footage! We had an eventful and beautiful day with the incredibly nice team from rbb.



Team introduction – Melike

Hi my name is Melike. I support the team in the press and public relations department. I started in June 2023 and am very happy to be at ULT.


Team introduction – Magda

Hi my name is Madga. I was sponsored to attend school and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to graduate. I want to give back to the community and express my gratitude to ULT ...


Team introduction – Ellen

Hi my name is Ellen. I was previously part of the event team and most recently co-organised the event “Techno schafft Bildung” in the bar “Gestrandet Mitte”.