Sharon Njeri Wangui


Birthday: 8th of January 2010

Hello, I’m Sharon Njeri Wangui. I was born on January 8, 2010. I live with my single mom and my siblings, two sisters and two brothers.

In our family, there’s no violence, but we are facing challenges, and my mom is going through a lot.

My dream is to become a beautician because I am passionate about it, and I love the art of making people look and feel beautiful.

Purple is my favorite color because I simply love it.

I love school because I believe education is the key to success, and I want to be successful. I don’t have anything I hate about school. My favorite subject is mathematics because I do well in it.

My talent is dancing Afro dances, and when I’m free, I like to practice hair styling, specifically perfecting my skills in pleating hair. I don’t like fighting because I value humanity.

To send Sharon to school and provide her with school supplies and uniform we request for 9,00 € per month (108,00 € per year). 



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