Covid-19 in Kenya

The situation is bad. Kenya has around 50.000 Cases and the people are struggling under the districtions from the goverment. People who live in the slum are mostly day worker, that means they are searching day by day for a job to provide for their family. They do casual work like construction jobs or washing clothes.

They never had the opportunity to grow some savings and prepare for bad times like this. Right now the country is in a bad situation and people have to stay at home at night. Familie’s don’t have the money to provide food and the parents and kids are struggling a lot. Schools are mostly closed and children have to stay in the slum.

Closed schools

Since May the schools were closed and the children had to stay in the slum the whole day, where violance, drug abuse and crime is daily business. Even if the cases are still raising the goverment decided to open up some classes. Right now form 4 in secondary schools and grade 4 + 8 in primary schools are open and the children can go to school. In class every child need to wear a face mask and leave a social distance from 1,5m to teachers and other children.

Registration in school

Because the schools were closed and we still found a lot of generous sponsors we now have a lot work to do. Around 40 kids need to get registered in their new school and my partners in kenya are planning the next weeks. We love to find new sponsors, but we are legging behind with the time. As soon as possible we will walk your sponsored child to the first day of school, it will just take some weeks. We are deeply sorry for this but we are as well just human beeings and struggle with covid-19.