THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR HAS BEGUN - Enrollment, admission and clarification talks

As we mentioned in the outlook of the last newsletter, school started again in Kenya on 25 April. This meant that there were numerous new enrolments. At the same time, we used the start of the new school year to get in touch with the inhabitants of the slums in Kenya.

We held educational talks with new and interested parents and their children, carers and other local representatives and were able to learn about new wishes, dreams, hopes, fears and worries. We have now noted these down and immediately set about the concrete implementation of finding solutions for them together with our team in Kenya.


Accordingly, we are overjoyed to be able to tell you that after these discussions we were able to add many new children to our file. This means that these children have again been given the opportunity to go to school through a ULT school sponsorship and to receive the necessary education, care, support and information to help themselves in order to realise their dreams and interests and to escape the poverty of the slums.


True to our motto: Helping people to help themselves!


With the new school year, new school supplies and uniforms are also needed for our children. These will be financed not only from the school sponsorships, but also through our donation-based initiative “Desired Gifts”. However, more school supplies and other supply items are still being procured. Likewise, many newly admitted children are still looking for a sponsor.

Bringing the new kids to school


TECHNO CREATES EDUCATION! - Benefit Open Air on 11th of June from 2pm

As you may have already seen on our Instagram account, we are organising a benefit open air at Berlin’s “Gestrandet Mitte” on 11th of June from 2pm. In addition to well-known DJs and bands, there will also be a raffle. 100% of the proceeds and the donation-based entrance fee will go to UTL.  So come along! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Don't miss our first charity event in Berlin

UPDATE - Food Program

As you may have already noticed on our website, you can now support our Saturday Food Program even more individually so that our children get a warm meal.

Whether just once or recurring, for just one Saturday or for a whole month, whether one child or 250 children, everything is possible.

It is up to you how you want to decide!

Every child deserves a hot meal!

Be a part of our Giving Thuesday and help us!

GIVING THUESDAY - Partner search

Giving Tuesday is not about giving oneself presents, but above all about thinking of others. We would also like to organise a Giving Tuesday for our children and are still looking for companies and sponsors as partners.

Do you know a company or even run one yourself?

Then get in touch with us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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