With pride and much gratitude we can announce that our expansion project of our Food Program, will enable 20 more children to receive a lunchbox for school starting in January next year! This is possible through follow-up application we submitted to the ``Ein Zehntel Foundation``. Since the beginning of this year, 20 children have been receiving school meals in warm lunch boxes twice a week from our team on site. From 2023, we will now be able to offer this to 40 particularly needy children.


Our Food Program focuses on feeding children in the Soweto slum. As part of this, severely needy children from our sponsorship program receive school meals twice a week. It is important for us that every child gets the same chances and can participate in class well strengthened. A good education can only lead to positive results on the basis of good meals. As with our school sponsorships, it is important to us to leave some of the responsibility with the parents and hence we limit serving meals only twice a week. This year we were already able to provide 20 wonderful children with breakfast and lunch two times a week. The project has been very well received and the feedback from the school is very positive. The children’s concentration increases and they are more active in class. Our supported children have also achieved better grades on average, which we are also very proud of. The situation in the slum has worsened considerably due to the world situation, which is why more and more families are approaching us and asking for support.

Children show their lunch

Children show their lunch

From January 2023 we can expand the project to 20 more children and thus enable a total of 40 children to have breakfast and lunch in school twice a week. We have already purchased a new and larger cooking pot, as the old one was not enough for our 20 children either. Our next step will be to buy 20 more lunch boxes. These are heat insulated and therefore great for bringing hot meals to school. The evening before the children get food for school they bring their lunchboxes to our local partner organization, Soweto Youth Initiative, where the food is then prepared for the next day. Our cook prepares the meal and the children pick the lunchboxes up from her on their way to school. They also get mandazi, a typical Kenyan pastry, which is a first snack on the way to school. For later in the day, the lunchbox contains both a breakfast as well as a filling lunch.

You would like to support our Food Program and make a meal possible for more children? Then take a look at our website!

OUTLOOK December 2022

Christmas and Advent

We came up with a small Advent idea for you. Every day a small door will be opened for you on our Instagram account. Enjoy little Christmas surprises and get in the mood with us for 24 days. In addition, all godparents can expect a Christmas greeting from their godchild.

You don’t have Instagram but still want to participate in our Advent campaign? Then feel free to use our ULT-Friends account:

Access data: ult_friends

Password: ultjustforyou

Each day a surprise

Give a donation

No idea for a gift to your loved ones? Then give them a “desired gift” for Christmas for our sponsored children. You have a wide choice of gifts that our children in the organization really need. From books, toys, clothes and much more you can choose the right gift for your presentee. We will provide you with a certificate that your loved ones can be happy about!

What's better to give?

So much happened!

Annual Review

We have come up with something very special for our December newsletter. 2022 was an incredibly turbulent year and our annual plan for 2022 was largely overturned due to the numerous crises. Nevertheless, we can look back on great successes, much joy and a lot of happy children.


In our annual review, we will look back on the year 2022 with you. Hope you are excited!

Be a part of it!

Survey for our members

At the end of the year we would like to conduct a survey, which can give us an idea of your interests for next year and what we could improve or develop further. The survey will be sent to you in the next few days. We look forward to receiving as much feedback as possible and thank you in advance for your participation!


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