About us: Bonface

In this and the following blog post I will introduce you to the team behind UNDER Lea's TRUST. At the moment, there are just two of us doing most of the work, but every now and then we get help from wonderful people who volunteer to help us. Let's start with Bonface.


My right hand man in so many ways! Bonface was born in 1992, grew up in the Soweto slum and knows the situation there only too well. His elementary school was the same one we send our children to, his playground was the field in front of the slum and he too could only satisfy his hunger with a few meals a week. A slum based organization helped him to speak courage and supported him with his homework. Until he was 21 Bonface lived with his grandmother, along with his older brother. Almost every day he visits his grandmother and supports her with all his strength until today.

He completed high school and attended the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA). He couldn’t finish college due to a fanancial hole and set out to find a job in the industry. The search dragged on and Bonface temporarily took a job as a salesman at Farmers Choice Ltd, right in his neighborhood, in 2016. He pursued this job for two years, always knowing that it did not fulfill him and that he wanted to do more for his environment. 2018 he married Grace, a primary school teacher, and they moved into an apartment in the outerscart of the Soweto slum.

Bonface Kangonga

My right hand man in so many ways!


From a young age, he helped the children and youth in the resident organization “Soweto Youth Initiative” (SYI), which also provided such a great support for him during his childhood.

In November 2019, he decided to follow his dream, quit his employment at Farmers Choice and started working full time for SYI. He built a unique trust with the people in the slum and takes care of all the children as if they were his own. Unfortunately, his work was not bringing in any money, so Bonface started his own business, called Belle ferry tours, in 2020, arranging tours to the Serengeti, Masai Mara, and Mombasa. He loves to work with people and takes care of everything.

UNDER Lea's TRUST Bonface

UNDER Lea's TRUST Bonface


I met Bonface in Kenya in January 2020 when I started volunteering with SYI. I lived at his home for three months, was welcomed like a family member, and we both created the idea of UNDER Lea’s TRUST. Together we sat for countless evenings and thought of plans on how we could best help the children. Because of the worldwide pandemic the tourists in Kenya were missing, he could not pursue his work as a tour agent and he has since focused on the work with UNDER Lea’s TRUST.

All this is now more than a year ago and we have already come a long way. I am very proud of our joint work and our future goals we will master with the same passion.

UNDER Lea's TRUST Bonface and Lea

UNDER Lea's TRUST Bonface and Lea

Bonface was able to experience for himself what a big difference it makes to receive and also accept help. Today he shows his gratitude by spending his life’s purpose in offering the same help to others. He has been awarded many times for his great dedication, yet he never tires of it.

Bonface is the most selfless person I have ever had the privilege to know. I am incredibly proud to have him in my life.”

Lea Sophie Kabitzsch


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