During the night of August 20-21, a fire broke out in the Soweto slum. This news shook us deeply.


The fire was started around 1:00 a.m. by a cooking stove, whose owner was already asleep and later died in the incident. In total, five houses burned down. One of them was the house of Gabriel, who is supported by our school sponsorship program to be able to go to school. Gabriel, his little sister Emily, and his mother lost everything that night, including all their furniture, clothing, and Gabriel’s school uniform. Currently, the family is temporarily staying with a friend, but they have a room that is far too small for all three of them. We are very grateful that they have temporary housing. However, this is obviously not a permanent solution. We would like Gabriel and his family to be able to move back into their own home as soon as possible. The estimated cost of rebuilding their home is about € 740. Without help, the single mother, who earns her money with odd jobs, has no chance to raise this sum.

Family Sanchez

Burned house

When ULT heard about this, it was immediately clear: The ULT Happy CLUBswants to help! Consequently, the monthly project of our CLUB is the reconstruction of the house. We would like to use this project to do a community project with our high school students. It is important to us that everyone pitches in and together we make it possible for a family member to have a roof over their head again. The children should see what is possible together and can be proud of themselves after the reconstruction.
We are very grateful that the members of the ULT Happy CLUB make it possible for us to rebuild with their donation. You are not a member yet? Then sign up via our website and support us in the reconstruction and the many other projects of the ULT Happy CLUB. Help us to help!
fliegen Lea und Annika flew to Kenya on 9/19/2022 and will be there to help rebuild the house. They will share the project with our followers on Instagram and there will be an update from them on the project in the next newsletter. We are very excited and full of anticipation for what we hope will be a very happy ending. Together we can put a smile back on the family’s face.

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Unser ULT Happy CLUB stärkt die nachhaltige Entwicklung unseres Vereins. Dank Deiner Mindestspende von 10 € im Monat können wir unser Angebot für die Kinder vor Ort auch in Zeiten wie diesen weiterhin gewährleisten und uns stetig weiterentwickeln. Unter dem Motto “Happy children, happy members, happy us” möchten wir alle vom Club profitieren lassen. Diesen Monat haben wir deshalb eine Anleitung erstellt, wie Du Deinen Mitgliedsbeitrag und Deine anderen Spendenbeiträge ganz einfach von der Steuer absetzen kannst. Du bist noch kein Clubmitglied? Dann schnell Mitglied werden, ULT unterstützen und gleichzeitig Deinen Beitrag von der Steuer absetzen! Wir freuen uns auf Dich! (Hinweis: Es wird ausdrücklich darauf hingewiesen, dass keine Garantie für die Richtigkeit dieser Angaben übernommen wird und die Angaben keine steuerrechtliche Beratung oder dergleichen darstellen.)
(Note: It is expressly pointed out that no guarantee for the correctness of this information is taken over and the information does not represent tax-legal consultation or the like).

OUTLOOK October 2022

Your letters will be distributed

fliegen Lea und Annika will distribute the letters to the children while they are in Kenya. If you have sent a letter to your godchild, you will soon receive a picture of your godchild holding your letter in his or her hands. We hope that with this action we can make all godparents and godchildren very happy!

Child holding letter

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