Welcome to our TECHNO SCHAFFT BILDUNG - a series of awesome events for a good cause! Prepare to immerse yourself in a unique fusion of electronic music and the power of education. This series of extraordinary events combines the pulsating beats of techno with a noble cause: supporting education for children of the slums in Kenya.

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Empowering Change Through Dedication

Welcome to our community! We are a dedicated team of individuals committed to driving positive change through our nonprofit organization. As we strive to make a meaningful impact in our community, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to sustain our efforts.

At the heart of our organization are five remarkable individuals who pour their passion and expertise into our cause every day. They are the driving force behind our initiatives, working tirelessly to lead and evolve our programs for greater effectiveness and reach.

Meet Our Team


Lea Sophie

As the Founder and Executive Director of ULT and ULI, Lea plays a pivotal role in providing strategic direction, overseeing day-to-day operations, and ensuring that the organization’s mission and goals are upheld. Her leadership and vision are instrumental in driving the organization forward and expanding its impact.



As the Founder and Executive Director of ULI, Bonface provides leadership and guidance in setting organizational goals, establishing partnerships, and ensuring the effective implementation of programs and initiatives. His commitment to the cause inspires others and helps to steer the organization towards success.



Charles serves as the Project Manager for the Elementary School Sponsorship Program. In this role, he oversees the implementation of the program and ensures that sponsored children receive the support they need. His dedication ensures the success and impact of the sponsorship program, making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.



Moses handles Social Media and actively participates in the organization’s operational affairs. His role involves creating engaging content and leveraging digital channels to raise awareness, engage supporters, and amplify the organization’s impact. His efforts contribute significantly to outreach, community engagement.



Magdaline is actively involved in the organization’s operational affairs. Her contributions span various aspects of the organization’s day-to-day activities, including administrative tasks and volunteer management. Her commitment ensure the smooth functioning of the organization, enabling it to fulfill its mission effectively.

Ensuring Full Commitment: Why Fair Compensation Matters


Sustaining Impactful Programs

Our team members are the architects of change, designing and implementing programs that directly benefit the children and communities we serve. Without their expertise and leadership, these initiatives simply wouldn’t exist. By compensating our team fairly, we ensure that they can devote their full attention to crafting effective strategies and driving sustainable outcomes.


Building Trust and Stability

Fair compensation is more than just a paycheck – it’s a symbol of appreciation and recognition for the invaluable contributions our team makes every day. When our team members feel valued and supported, they’re more motivated to stay committed to our cause for the long term. This continuity is essential for building trust within our community and maintaining the stability necessary to enact meaningful change.


Maximizing Impact

Ultimately, the children we serve are at the heart of everything we do. By compensating our team members fairly, we enable them to focus on their roles with clarity and dedication. Whether it’s developing educational programs, coordinating outreach efforts, or managing fundraising campaigns, every task our team undertakes directly impacts the lives of those we serve. Without their unwavering commitment, our ability to fulfill our mission would be compromised.


Ensuring Accountability

Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles of our organization. By compensating our team members fairly, we uphold these principles and demonstrate our commitment to ethical practices. Donors and supporters can trust that their contributions are being used responsibly to support our team and further our mission.

Transparency and accountability

We want to emphasize that salaries for our team members are exclusively funded through designated donations . Contributions made specifically for this purpose ensure that our team members receive the compensation they deserve. Meanwhile, donations from our projects themselves are solely allocated to support those initiatives. Transparency and accountability are paramount to us, and we are committed to using funds in accordance with their intended purpose.