Magdaline Wambui



Birthday: 19th of August 2004

Tell us about yourself

I am the third of four children and have always been a happy and upbeat person. I adore singing and using music to express myself yet I’m not usually the most outgoing person. I sometimes have trouble putting my feelings and thoughts into words, which can make it difficult to interact with people in a meaningful way. Despite my shyness, I have discovered that singing has given me the confidence to come out of my shell and express myself in ways I never imagined. Even though I am not the most extroverted person, I find that through music, I can express my emotions and engage with others on a deeper level. I really think that everyone has a special means of self expressions, whether it be through writing, art or music. Finding a platform that enables us to fully express ourselves is crucial, even though it might be difficult to discover our voices and share our ideas with the world.

Some answers from Magdaline

What is your motivation in life?

I have always felt a great sense of responsibility to help my parents overcome the poverty that has plagued our family for generations. Growing up, I saw firsthand the struggles my parents went through just to put food on the table and provide for us. It was a constant battle that seemed insurmountable at times. But despite the challenges my parents always instilled in me the importance of hardwork and perseverance. I am determined to pursue my education and achieve success in my career so that I can provide financial stability for my family. I want to be able to provide them with opportunities that they never had and to help them achieve their dreams. For me, there is no greater sense of purpose than the thought of being able to help my family overcome the obstacles that have held us back for so long. It is what drives me every day and pushes me to work harder and strive for greatness. I am determined to make a difference and to be the catalyst for change in my family’s future.

What is your dream? What would you like to become?

I dream of becoming a carbon crew member because I feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in offering exceptional services to passengers. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that I have played a part in making someone’s journey comfortable and enjoyable. I take pride in being able to anticipate passengers’ needs and pillows. I find it incredible rewarding to see the smilies on their faces when i am able to exceed their expectations. Being a cabin crew member is also an opportunity for me to travel the world and experience different cultures. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their unique perspectives and customs.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I am proud of my go-getter attitude, my confidence and my open-mindedness. These habits have helped me achieve my goals and pursue my passions with determination and enthusiasm. I am always willing to take risks and put myself out there, trusting in my abilities and believing that I can make a difference. However I also recognize that being a little bit shy, can sometimes hold me back. It can be difficult for me to speak up in group settings or network effectively, which can limit my opportunities. I may miss out on potential connections or collaborations because of my reluctance to put myself out there. Despite these challenges, I believe that my shyness also has its strengths. It makes me a more thoughtful and observant listener, allowing me to understand others on a deeper level. It also gives me a natural humility that can be an asset in leadership roles, as I am more inclined to listen and learn from others. I am seeking out opportunities to practice public speaking.

What is your purpose? How are you giving back to the community?

I find immense joy in bringing a smile to the faces of others. It is heartwarming to be able to contribute to the betterment of society in some way. However small it may be. Working with the Under Leas`s Trust I had the opportunity to enroll kids in school, which is crucial for their future prospects. It is saddening to think that some children do not have access to basic education and it was heartening to be able to assist in rectifying this. The feeling of helping a child take a step towards a brighter future is incredible. In addition to enrolling children in schools I also took their updates. This way an essential task as it helped to keep track of their academic progress and identify areas where they might need additional support. Being able to support this children in their educational journey has been a fulfilling experience for me. Another organization I have volunteered with the Soweto youth initiative, where I assisted with their feeding program. This program provides meals to underprivileged children who may not have access to regular and nutritionals meals. Being able to contribute to this program and help ensure that children get adequate nutrition.

Why should we support you?

As someone who comes from a humbled background, it has always been a challenge to pursue higher education. My mother, who is the solo provider for our family, does not have the financial means to support my college education. Due to this I am in dire need of scholarship to achieve my academic dreams. A scholarship would mean everything to me, as it would provide me with the financial stability that I need to complete my college education. It would also relieve the burden on my mother, who has sacrificed so much for our family already. I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and work hard to achieve my academic goals.

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