``Our commitment does not end when our children graduate from high school. In order to achieve a real positive change in their lives, they need a secondary education, just as in other countries.``


This project is about supporting children who have graduated from school through UNDER Lea's TRUST (ULT) and now want to start their lives. But how do we go about it? For many professions, a school-leaving certificate is not enough. Not only a study, an apprenticeship or similar is needed but also the motivation to take life and new decisions into one's own hands. In order to understand the situation of the children in our organization, we have to consider their living conditions. They live in the slums of Kenya, their parents are destitute and the future prospects are very limited. As an association we do not want to take away anyone's responsibility and especially with the older children our focus has to be more and more on helping them to help themselves.


With this new project we enable the young people to receive a monthly sponsorship of 45 € for up to 5 years. These 45 € will not be given directly to the children, but will be put into a kind of savings account for them. The money has to be spent for career-enhancing purposes, such as attending a university or technical college, purchasing equipment in case of self-employment, costs for an apprenticeship or similar things. Once a sponsorship is established, direct support begins. In the first year of support, the graduates volunteer for ULT, which means they are present at events and outings for updates and, for example, provide tutoring for younger students. During this time, they save up the 45 € per month and have regular meetings with a life coach.

Our searching young adults

Agnes Muthoni

I am searching for a sponsor

Cooking has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I loved experimenting with new and different ingredients and creating new dishes. As I got older, I began to ...


Magdaline Wambui

I am searching for a sponsor

I dream of becoming a carbon crew member because I feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in offering exceptional services to passengers. There is nothing quite ...


Moses Wahome

I am searching for a sponsor

As someone who is passionate about technology and its impact on our lives, my dream is to become an IT specialist. I believe that technology has the power to change the world ...


Philip Mbithi

I am searching for a sponsor

To overcome my problems that are stopping me from reaching my full potential. This is going to be crazy answers considering the other balanced answers for these questions ...


You have some more questions?

Answers to frequent questions

Can I share a sponsorship?

Sure you can! We totally understand that 45€ per month is a huge change from our 9€ school sponsorship. If you for example want to continue sponsoring your school child, feels free to search for friends or family members and ask if you can build a group supporting your child. Just let us know. 🙂

Why is it 45€ a month?

With 45 € per month, the children can put money aside for almost any training, studies or the like. As long as they are saving the money, they have the possibility to work for ULT, to do internships or to apply for scholarships.

What are the kids discussing with he coach?

  • Dream in life?
  • How can the dream become reality?
  • How much money is needed? 
  • How long does it take to save up?
  • What can be done on the side?
  • Possibilities to get scholarships? How to shorten the time?
  • Jointly creating a timeline to achieve the dream.
  • Set a goal > when is the support finished

When does the sponsorship end?

With this program, the children receive a maximum grant of 45€ per month for 5 years. In the joint discussions with the life coach, individual ends for the support are determined. Each sponsorship is therefore individually accompanied and thus also terminated. Of course, children with a maximum of 5 years of support also have the opportunity to start over again if their original plan no longer suits them. However, it is important that we support, but do not take responsibility for the children.


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