Jeremiah Gitonga


Birthday: 28.04.2012

Hello! My name is Jeremiah Gitonga. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and why I’m looking for someone to support my education.


I have my birth certification in order and just turned 11 on April 28, 2012. I live with my mom, my aunt, and my sister. My mom works hard as a street coffee vendor to provide for our family.

My mom and dad separated when I was very young, and they have been living separately since then. There are no cases of violence or alcoholism in our family or neighborhood.

My dream is to become an engineer because I love innovating things. I want to create and build, and engineering allows me to do that.

What I love the most is playing soccer. It’s such a fun and exciting sport, and it keeps me active and healthy.

My favorite color is red because I find it attractive and vibrant.

What I like about school is that it provides a platform for me to achieve my dreams. Education is the key to making those dreams come true.

I’m hoping to find a school sponsor who can help me on my journey to become an engineer and achieve my dreams. With your support, I can work towards a brighter future. Thank you for considering being a part of my journey!

To send Jeremiah to school and provide him with school supplies and uniform we request for 9,00 € per month (108,00 € per year). 



If you would like to sponsor this child, feel free to write your wish in the comments section. We can’t promise anything, but we will try to fulfill your wish.