James Omondi Juma


Birthday: 6th of April 2007

Hi, my name is James and I live with my mother, my two brothers and my five sisters in the Soweto slum in Nairobi, Kenya. To provide for the family, my mother washes clothes and cleans houses. My father found another woman and left our family. He had problems with alcohol and was violent towards our mother. 

My big dream is to become an electrical engineer because you can earn a lot of money and I can help my mother. I like going to the internet café and playing games on the computer. My favorite color is blue because it’s the most beautiful color in the world.

I like science and math at school. I already went to Kamiti Primary School. I hope that I can find a sponsor quickly so that I can continue going to school.

To send James to school and provide him with school supplies and uniform we request for 9,00 € per month (108,00 € per year). 



If you would like to sponsor this child, feel free to write your wish in the comments section. We can’t promise anything, but we will try to fulfill your wish.