Birthday: 10.06.2010

Fabrizia was born on June 10, 2010. She is a girl full of life and energy who has already experienced a lot in her young life. In her home, Fabrizia lives with her mother, her older brother, and her younger sister. Her mother supports the family through odd jobs and does her best to provide for her children. The father left the family four years ago and started a new family elsewhere. Despite this challenge, the family finds strength and unity in their bond. In their quiet neighborhood in the Soweto Slum, there are few cases of violence or alcoholism, creating a safe environment for Fabrizia and her family.

Fabrizia’s dream is to become a technical engineer because she loves trying new things and taking on challenges. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge drive her. Her two greatest passions in life are playing football and cooking. She is enthusiastic about sports and supports the Chelsea team, which is why her favorite color is blue. In school, Fabrizia is an eager student. She enjoys reading novels and collaborating with her classmates to overcome classroom challenges. School provides her with the opportunity to expand her knowledge and build new friendships. Unfortunately, her mother can no longer afford the school fees, and Fabrizia is waiting for sponsorship to return to school. Fabrizia Mukonyo is an inspiring girl who looks to the future with enthusiasm and determination. Her love for sports, technology, and family makes her a remarkable personality in her community.

To send Fabrizia to school and provide her with school supplies and uniform we request for 9,00 € per month (108,00 € per year). 

If you would like to sponsor this child, feel free to write your wish in the comments section. We can’t promise anything, but we will try to fulfill your wish.