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Delays in the expansion

There has been a lot going on with us in the past few months. The new school year has started and our helpers in Kenya had their hands full. We were able to bring a lot of new children to school and celebrate many successes. Unfortunately, the expansion of the Food Program has not yet taken place. We would like to make up for that now! Next week, the school children will go on their well-deserved 10-day vacation. We would like to use this time to buy new lunch boxes for 20 needy children. After the vacations we will put our plan into action. The children will drop off their lunchboxes in the evening and pick them up again in the morning on their way to school. The extension will take place twice a week. After a trial month, we will evaluate our successes and recalculate the prices.

Why recalculate prices?

In Kenya, food prices have risen sharply. Flour for ugali (staple food in Kenya) we got a few months ago for about 90 KSH and recently we pay a price of 200 KSH. We are observing the situation and are trying to communicate our food program more strongly again.


Expansion of our Food Program

Many parents cannot afford to pay for a full meal. Some days the children only get food once a day and often only a small portion because money is tight. The parents work as casual labourers and only when they get a day job can they afford to put food on the table. Covid-19 has made it even harder for casual workers, and the children are the first to feel these changes. As some parents are more affected by the situation than others, we have around 20 children who keep telling us that their parents do not give them food to take to school. We want to address this problem as soon as possible and expand our food program.

Measures of the project

We have planned our project based on the experience we have already gained through the “Food Programme”. Our first step will be to buy a good and functional lunch box for the 20 children. In the course of this, we will do a basic food shopping once a month, which we will store temporarily in our lockable office. We have already found a volunteer who will prepare the food twice a week. We will then bring the required amount to our helper every Monday. The two catering days will be Tuesday and Thursday, so the children will receive catering support almost every other day (Tue, Thu, Sat). The children bring their lunchbox to the Soweto Youth Initiative the evening before, our helper prepares the food and the children collect it from her on their way to school the next day. The lunchbox will contain a breakfast and a filling lunch. The parents are responsible for cleaning the lunch boxes.

Expected effects of the expansion

We expect that the children will be better able to concentrate on the school day when they are satiated and that they will actively participate in lessons with more joy. Since we only provide school meals twice a week, we still leave a large part of the responsibility with the children’s parents. This point is very important to us, as the well-being of a child should be the responsibility of the parents. We are very happy to support, but we do not want to give the feeling that we are downplaying the duties of parents.

The Ein-Zehtel-Stiftung is a foundation which supports small projects of NGOs in Germany. We were able to inspire them for the expansion and they support us with 1,000 € for 2022.


We are merging

We are joining forces! The Soweto Youth Initiative (SYI) is now working closely with UNDER Lea’s TRUST (ULT). You are probably already familiar with the SYI. For over 21 years they have been involved in the Soweto Slum, providing children with a sense of security they did not have before. They take care of countless projects, support private individuals who are in particularly bad situations and are always there for the residents of the Soweto slum. For many years now, they have been running the Food Program, which provides a warm meal for over 250 children on many Saturdays each year. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, it was not possible to really cook food for the children every Saturday. The project enjoyed great support from sponsors, but it was always difficult to keep sponsors up to date with successes and to acquire new sponsors.

When I, Lea, travelled to Kenya in January 2020, it was unfortunately only possible to attend the food program on three Saturdays (in 3 months). At that time I started a fundraising campaign as a private person, which made the Food Program possible every Saturday for many months. The SYI and ULT have always worked closely together and benefit from each other. Since the Food Program is now a joint project, we have decided that officially the project will run through ULT and the operation will remain with SYI. Thus, ULT can focus on fundraising and communication with sponsors, while SYI is in charge of the active implementation of the project on the ground.

What will change?

For us (SYI & ULT), this merger will enable us to double our strength and motivation to move the project forward and to help the children in the best possible way. With this newly gained “time” we would like not only to improve communication with you, but also to expand the project itself. Unfortunately, more and more children tell us that their parents do not give them lunch for school and that they often do not eat breakfast at home. For this reason, we want to expand our “Food Program” and offer school meals twice a week to children in great need. Because only with a full stomach and good health children can  learn and romp with school friends.

For you as sponsors of the Food Program, nothing will change, except that you will be kept better informed from now on. We would like to share our successes with you and in the following you will find a link to an update page where we will share pictures and videos from time to time and keep you informed about news in general.

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