The food program provides lunch for around 250 children each Saturday in the Soweto Slum. The food we are serving depends on the number of donations we receive in this week and the kids are thankful for every dish. They come to the organization, get food and a full program is planned for them. They eat, play, and get the attention they deserve.

Residents in the slum suffer and parents can’t afford to pay for a full meal. Some days the children get food once a day and even a small portion because the money is low. The parents work as casual workers and only if they got a job for the day they are able to put food on the table. Because of Covid-19, the economy made it even harder for casual workers and the children are the first to feel about the changes.


We as UNDER Lea’s TRUST e.V. join forces with the local Soweto Youth Initiative (SYI) to ensure that the children receive a meal every Saturday. The SYI is based in the slum and owns the ground where we serve the food and have a great day with the kids! With more donations, we are able to help more children and also provide food for needy kids during the week.

Many families are unable to provide their children with an energy-rich breakfast during the week, and the children sit in class with their stomachs growling. For these children we would like to provide breakfast in the morning in the organization, which gives them enough energy and prepares them for class